Meet the team

Our team at Masterpiece Caterers & VIVO! Mediterranean Grill & Catering has over 200 years of combined experience in the field of hospitality and event management.  From the biggest hotels and venues across multiple industries and verticals, our staff has managed exquisite events all across the tri-state New York City area.  We are here for you, and for making your event pure perfection.


Gieto Nicaj
Gieto Nicaj
Paul Nicaj
Paul Nicaj

The Team

Kevin A. Mattner
Kevin A. MattnerPresident of Business Operations
Sonya Nicaj
Sonya NicajVIVO! Restaurant & Catering
Nikki F. Rizzo
Nikki F. RizzoGeneral Manager, Masterpiece Caterers
Alec Nicaj
Alec NicajManager, Masterpiece Caterers
Paul Evwiehor
Paul EvwiehorGeneral Manager, VIVO! Restaurant & Catering
Miguel Xique
Miguel XiqueChef, Masterpiece Caterers
Francisco Ortiz
Francisco OrtizChef, Café 55
Chrissy Diakogiannis
Chrissy DiakogiannisManager, Café 55
Violeta Beqiri
Violeta BeqiriDirector of Finance
Libia Vidopio
Libia VidopioCatering Manager, 55 Water St.
Kayla Juliana
Kayla JulianaCatering & Operations Manager, Masterpiece Caterers
Paul Fortuniewics
Paul FortuniewicsManager, Masterpiece Caterers
Sabas Escudero
Sabas EscuderoChef, VIVO! Restaurant & Catering
Luis Martinez
Luis MartinezChef, One if by Land, Two if by Sea
Dylan Nicaj
Dylan NicajAccounting Manager